Henry’s Kitchen: A Cookbook- Volume 2 (Signed!)


Follow up to Henry’s Kitchen: A cookbook, Vol. 1

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The long awaited follow up to the Henry’s Kitchen cookbook, volume 1. It’s been 4 years since his first cookbook and now he’s back. Sure, he’s a little battle-scarred from various cuts and burns, but he is seasoned- and not with Herbs de Provence, but with true culinary wisdom. He wants to share with you the hard lessons he’s learned, so you don’t have to. If cooking is the problem, this book is the solution. From trendy favorites like Cloud Eggs and Fat Bombs, to exotic foreign foods like Nachos and Toasted Raviolis, this book is full of it. So come, and enter that bizarre and perplexing maze that the normies so euphemistically refer to as “The Kitchen”!

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